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Project Base by CloudyMad Project Base :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 4 2 Comic Oasis CE by CloudyMad Comic Oasis CE :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 8 2
Mission Sunken Ship Part 4
Part 4
The Jellicent leaned in, reaching a tentacle out to Phrixos. Orpheus wasn't sure what it was planning as he walked back in, observing them interact. "I do not think so..." Phrixos came back to face the Jellicent too, holding out a hand. "Do you live here..?" Asking the large pokemon in a more gentle voice. The pokemon leaned in closer, not showing much sign of backing out now.
Phrixos gently used his hand as he turned his palm facing up to welcome the Jellicent to him if he'd like? He looked up to it still as he wondered. "Do you live here Jellicent?" Repeating himself as he asked another question. "Is this where you made your home?" Phrixos kept calm as he could as Zahir himself settled his fears to give off a calm but welcoming aura for the pokemon.
The Jellicent looked at Phrixos's hand, but did not touch it. It seemed to lean even closer to him, almost like it wanted to collapse on Phrixos. "Back away, Phrixos." Orpheus warned him. He wasn't sure what it was going to do.
:iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 2 0
Mission Sunken Ship Part 3
Part 3
Phrixos looked to the ship holding up his tablet that he could to record their mission with images along the way. "East it says... let’s keep walking then shall we?" He nodded to the other as he lightly still held onto his arm some. "If i start tugging do go easy on me... I can not hover like you can." Phrixos nodded he was tired but he kept going with the other heading east of the ship.
"... I will walk, then." Orpheus deactivated his boots and landed on the ground. He walked alongside Phrixos on the ground, step by step. "We need to still keep an eye out on pokemon that could be lurking. I do not see anything right now, however."
Nodding to the other as he stays close by Orphy feeling the calm feeling of Orphy's own calm being take hold of his own. "How does it feel for Nai being this close to the ship? Chuu doesn't mind darker spaces such as caves but he says that he feels something close to the Ship as well... not like home but familiar somehow he doesn't know how to e
:iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 1 0
Bonbon: Adrian Shores by CloudyMad Bonbon: Adrian Shores :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 2 8
Mission Sunken Ship Part 2
    Phrixos looked ahead of them as they were getting closer to the ship seeing that they needed just a bit more to go. He begun to feel colder from his feet up to his torso more and more. Keeping his hands close and under his armpits as he felt the cold pick up with the wind. "Damn desert..... Hot as hell during the day and completely flipped at night.... How can one as a pokemon live in these kinds of conditions..... Truly a strange answer i hope to find out....." He groaned as he was shivering his little tail bone off his behind. Looking over to Orphy seeing that he was unaffected by the windy cold of the desert night. "So close… hm.." His gaze seemed faded as he looked out towards the ship.
    "You are still cold..?" Orpheus couldn't comprehend this. He was consistently warm, so he figured he never would. "We are almost there." As a gesture, one more drone popped out of his circle, and floated over to Phrixos. "Let Hesperus keep you warm as well." The cor
:iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 2 0
Mission Sunken Ship Part 1
    The briefing had been simple. Both Darius and Orpheus understood they were here perhaps for their affinity with ghosts, which the higher ups had predicted might be hiding inside the ship. As a scout it just seemed this job was perfect for him. Simple enough, right?
It had been an uneventful week aside from the regular training schedules. He'd meet his mission partner on the flight there, he'd been told. He waited on the airstrip for further instructions.
    Called from his normal duties Zahir was troubled by the lack of members that didn't want to take part in this mission. Of heavy importance this mission seemed to be sensed around rumors and scared stories. The mission had be left at his desk and called in as soon as possible. Bag packed and Chuu carrying his own, of his little snacks, Zahir cradles his partner in hand heading off to the airstrip as directed. Uknown of his partner he kept tight to Chuu wary of who he'd be tagging along with. No word
:iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 2 0
2016 Improvement Meme by CloudyMad 2016 Improvement Meme :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 1 2 Merry Early X-Mas Cheru!! by CloudyMad Merry Early X-Mas Cheru!! :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 6 4 holdin my soul by CloudyMad holdin my soul :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 12 6 Zahir app by CloudyMad Zahir app :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 8 23 I did a Chibi by CloudyMad I did a Chibi :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 8 12 Prettiful Hair :3 by CloudyMad Prettiful Hair :3 :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 8 4 Memories Relieved by CloudyMad Memories Relieved :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 1 4 Room Assignment by CloudyMad Room Assignment :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 2 6 A Rosy Gift by CloudyMad A Rosy Gift :iconcloudymad:CloudyMad 6 4
Come and look~


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sunstone calendar size comparison :iconshiniez:shiniez 408 83
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Recent disappearance + New Book
(gosh it's been a while since I wrote one of those!)
Hey everyone, thanks for still being around even though I haven't been updating my deviantart in the past few months. [yes, I'm GUILTY AS CHARGED] :iconcryforeverplz:
The reason why I wasn't feeling like updating my deviantart is mostly because I don't have anything shiny or finished or polished enough recently.
I moved to my own apartment last November and I'm now officially living off of my own art! That's so freaking cool!... but I've been so caught up on freelance work that I can only feed my social media with sketches and studies, nothing that I judge "worth" of a submission here.

The rough stuff
I'm 'the guy who skipped art education' trying to make art as a living. This thought haunts me more than I would like to admit. That's why, since last year, I've been focusing on learning everything from scratch: fundamentals such as anatomy,
:iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 187 78
i can sabotage me by myself by Rasbii i can sabotage me by myself :iconrasbii:Rasbii 1,286 29 Carlnes and Ellana sketch version by aenaluck Carlnes and Ellana sketch version :iconaenaluck:aenaluck 506 24






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Maritza Burgos
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
A Student i be and as Mad as i am ~ I be a fellow deviant~
Excuse my pardon as i create away my afternoon.
With a pen and tablet coating a canvas with my Mad ideas
I fall down the rabbit hole bringing to life what i wish in this
Mad world ~ A marvelous Wonderland i be from ~ <3

Another home of mine be here>> Behance!

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Any ideas of what to draw next?
Fan Art? << What kind?
Characters? << Open to suggestions //no nsfw plz or anything related//
Project Base
So here is a little bit of what i'm doing for some of my classes lately. I'll try and work on a few more to throw up here for my game concepts.

My job is to work and create game documents with a visual appeal. And here is how i do it. 

This project works around a floating city long after the world is thrown underwater. Attached to the only life chain they have an anchor or something keeping them in place to try and continue to prosperous. These people aren't humans they are marine hybrids with human appearances.

The idea is more refined and with more of a level bases to walk, talk, dive, explore and scavenge for materials.

Sound interesting? This will be the bases of my art for a long while and hope that you guys enjoy the outcome of it.


Please do not Steal
Owner and Credit to the pieces are myself CloudyMad 
You can also find it under my other username CloudyPXL @ Twitter + Instagram
Still slightly struggling through some projects but getting there.
Lookin to the brighter side of today. 
Want to know what you see today.
Comic Oasis CE

Hello all

Here after my escape from the real world i've come to drop by and turn in a piece that :iconcherubchan: and i did for the Oasis Mission~

Here is a digital piece. Took too long and i apologize. 

Cheruchan did the lineart and composure.

I did the colorinng ; v ;

Sorry Cheru that i took so long hehe ; v ; ~~ <3 Forgive mee ; v ;


Ezekiel belongs to cherubchan 

Phrixos belongs to CloudyMad

Rhyhorn - random xD

Total Points: 4775
Point Count:

Honor points to cherubchan With: 4775

Please Do Not Steal!!
Credit to oc owners!

Update: 10 May 2017 - Fixed point count // added in shade mix for headshots//
                                //Add +500 For shading of bodies//
Hey guys. 

So this is not a norm for me to jump on here for commission bases but i'm kind of pinned on cash. 

Rent already paid for this month but starting a new job and not being able to get paid on time for next months rent i wanna ask if anyone wants to do commissions from me?

Depending on what is requested will tell in price.

I'll make up a chart for those that want to know how i do my pricing but this is like a list of people that want to get a commission from me.

I'll start with 5 people.


Just so you know ahead of time none of my prices go above 40$ Unless you want something that deals with multiple characters or a character sheet.

Payment Method: Square Cash, Via phone app. After List has been made Notes will be sent out explaining my process of payment.
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